Monday, April 30

Inspiration: My summer silhouette

I have been really thinking on my wardrobe this year. Normally I pick up the cheapest RTW items I can find them end up chucking them after the season, but now since I have time to sew I want to invest in solid wardrobe building pieces. I am out for a classic flattering look I can invest in and get some good wear out of.

I am at the point now in my sewing where I am over the thrill of "making stuff" and I want to get into "making stuff that looks really good and professional". I think it's important for me as a home seamstress to be in tune with my bod, especially before I try to take on the task of learning about custom fit.

After Erica B's and Dawn's (i learn a lot from these ladies) posts on body shapes I have been thinking a lot about my shape. Figuring it out was hard since I fit multiple categories on some of the charts. I ended up combining info from these links: MyShape, Bodyshape Fashion Secrets, Lori Coulter Body Shapes, Female Body Shapes, Find your Bodyshape, & Palmer & Pletsch and I figured out that I am mostly an "H", rectangle or ruler.

"Not a big difference between the circumference of your chest, waist and hips - somewhat equal body proportions. Weight gain more prevalent in mid-section/abdominal region, does not bulk or add mass easily, weight gain or loss disbursed evenly."


TrueH body shape
  • Straight to moderate curves
  • Square hips and waist
  • Upper and lower torso equally proportioned
  • Average bust and large rib cage
  • Undefined waist—only slight taper from rib cage to waist and from waist to hips
  • Arms and legs are slim in proportion to the rest of the body (not true for me, my arms & legs are muscular)
  • Face or neck is full in proportion to the rest of the body
  • Flat derrière and slender legs (my butt isn't flat, but muscular and is the bulk of my hip measurement.)
It is time for me to stop making and buying stuff I think is cute but not necessarily flattering and really looks like ...:).

According to MyShape I should wear:


Round, high, low V-, U- and scoop (so far so true)
Jackets & Tops
Princess seams, breast pockets, flared hems (I've never done princess seams, but I have a high bust so I have to watch the breast pockets)
Slightly A-line, boot cut, dropped waist/yoke (all of my pants are boot or wide leg, and a drop-waist scares me even though I am very shortwaisted)

I will try to stick to these suggestions and keep an open mind on that dropped/yoked waist. Now with that said, I have to do a serious cleanup of my closet and my current pattern stash.......I'm not quite ready for that but I am ready to look at styles flattering to my shape.

So far I am digging the look pictured below, and I think it will be my main summer look. I've always liked the empire waist look, so I'm ready to try it. For me it looks best when it's not too long - because of my short waist. Elastic waist or back zip capris are really easy to make, and I can get away with (inexpensive but well-made) polyester for the tops since they are loose.

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