Tuesday, April 10

Review: HotPatterns - HP102

HotPatterns HP102 from McCall's

please don't be alarmed, this is a muslin folks

Size: 12

Pattern critique: Easy, Easy, Easy. I did read the *sparse* instructions, which actually make it seem more complicated, so I did my own thing.

The pattern pieces are NOT numerically numbered, which was ok after I got used to it.

Fabric: a hideously funky Wal-Mart $2/yd poly stretch

Modifications: I added an inch of length to the skirt bottom. The pattern pieces I used were the classic neckline, long sleeves and slim skirt.

According to the latest McCall-HotPatterns reviews on PatternReview, is that these patterns have a lot of ease, I guess it's because most of them are designed for jersey type fabrics. So I went down to a size 12 from my usual 14.

Next time I will add 2 inches length to the sleeves and go down one more size - a 10 - in the skirt to rid some of that bagginess on bottom.

Results: This wears sooo comfortably w/ no awkwardness that I usually feel in dresses. This dress also gives me a little "shape" when I wear it belted at the waistline OR w/ a low slung belt. I took pictures of those looks but the belts got lost in that kooky fabric. So I'll have to post those styles next go round.

The looseness of this dress will be a good layering piece for the cooler months and will be super-cool in a super-light jersey for the warmer months. I am making this again starting tonight in a black silky feeling jersey - stay tuned for that...


toya said...

your fabric choice is very interesting, number one
it looks really good on you, I haven't seen hot patterns at joann's as yet

narcissaqtpie said...

I found the HPs at Hancock, I got them for $1.99 each during a McCall sale!!