Tuesday, May 15

Review: Vogue 7573 - OOP

I was inspired by my love for Capt. Jack Sparrow & Christina's sailor pants by HotPatterns, so I went into the pattern stash and found:

Size: 14

Pattern critique: Easy. I did view A. I would say a beginner should give this pattern a try, you get practice working with darts, zipper or buttons & cuffs. If you have fit issues with slim pants, you could practice fitting on these simple pants, as I did.

Fabric: Cotton/spandex sateen from Joann. $8.99 yd. This fabric is poor quality, but it's comfortable and I like the drape. The color bleeds & fades horribly after just a few washes. I did find some cute buttons in Joann's tho.

Modifications: My iron sucks so I didnt bother with creasing. I made a muslin of view C from (some poor & crappy) stretch denim about 2 years ago so I had an idea of what needed to be done fit-wise:

  1. The previous muslin I made was in a size 12, but I went up to a 14 so I could have some (modesty) ease in the leg and seat of these slim fitting pants. I should have left the waist at a 12 or at least between 12/14. My pants were stretched out in the waist and falling down by mid day. I think that was due to the fabric. I'm hoping these will shrink some in the wash. (didn't pre-wash this time)

  2. These are very low rise. Crack is wack so I added an inch to the front and back rise (there is a cutting line for this). It hit me right below the navel (this morning).

  3. When I added the inch to the rise I ended up with bagging in the front, I didnt find this out until the end. So I had to add front darts after the fact. This caused the waistband seam to have little ridges at the top tip of the dart because I already had the facing attached and the understitching done - I refused to rip it out. I'll have to trim the waist & facing down and add front dart markings to my pattern piece for the next go round.

  4. I added an extra button on each side of the waist to offset the goofy looking front darts. It's OK for these, but not for my next pair.

  5. I like a 32 inch inseam so I added 2 inches to the leg length (using the leg length cutting line)

Results: I will consider this a wearable muslin. since I made my new pattern mods I will try one more muslin of the mid thigh to waist area for fit perfection with some scrap fabric then go ahead and make this in a nice quality super dark blue stretch denim, I may recycle these buttons, unless I find some cuter ones :)

Thanks for the inspiration Christina!

Other sailory-style patterns:


christina said...

These look great on you! I'd like some in stretch denim, too.

Your Whitney Houston reference is hilarious. In the late 1980's, I got a radio/"boombox" for Christmas one year, and I got a Whitney Houston casette tape to go along with it. She was so wholesome back then. Little did we know how things would change...

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks!! I read your post like 10 times wishing for those kind of pants. I cant wait to find my denim now.

LauraM said...

Have you seen
Burda 8488
? After Christina's pants it had me looking more at a pair too, and Burda pants fit my rounder tush better to start. Your pair are looking good, but if you want to try another pattern, something for thought ...

narcissaqtpie said...

I still love (the old) whitney, but I'm still looking for her comeback. I used another one of her quotes in a post while ago too.

narcissaqtpie said...

@ lauraM, I have that pattern. I havent studied it yet so I used the vogue as a quick fix. I'll look into it for sure

patsijean said...

Yes, the fabric itself can contribute to some of the stretching, but not all. There are bias grains at the waistline of your pants and facing. I used to make similar pants (what used to be called "hip-huggers" in the 70's. I loved them). You need to help this waistline stay firm. It is easy. just cut off the salvedge edge on shirt weight or calico weight cotton to make your own seam tape (not the same as bias seam binding) which is less bulky than purchased seam tape...free too. Use your pattern to make sure the seam tape, minus the seam allowances, is the same length as the waistline. Mark side and center back seams on the tape, and baste your seam tape to wrong side of the waistline seam before attaching the facing. You may find that the waistline has already stretched a bit, so don't back down, ease in that stretched fabric: then attach the facing. The waist seam will never stretch.

cidell said...

1. I bought Whitney as an album
2. Did you ever see the Mad TV skit where she and Bobby smoked everything in the house?
3. Cute pants and nice altering

narcissaqtpie said...

@ patsijean. Thanks for the info! I will try that ASAP & post my results.

cidell, I missed that madtv skit, but i'll look out for it. I usually catch re-runs on Satuday mornings sometimes.

Thanks to all for the encouragement!

dawn said...

Cute pants! And I can definitely sympathize with the short waist. Often during yoga I feel like I don't have "enough room" in the waist area to do what I'm trying to do!

dawn said...

Actually, about a month ago I bought a sweater with a low-ish tie belt. I figured I'd have to bring it back once I tried it on, with the belt on my high hips like that, I thought I'd look wider than I am. But what I was surprised to find is that the low belt made my torso look longer!

gold said...

You did a great job on them pants.I need to take a class on how to alter a pattern. You do so great on things like that.