Friday, August 31

Sweatshoppin for kiddo II

I spent most of this week's evenings cutting & tracing patterns in preparation for kiddo's school wardrobe. I have the carpal tunnel to prove it. I was able to leave work early today and decided to get to sewing before my hand fell off!

Review: McCall's 5463

yes I've been learning to use my serger!!

Size: L

Pattern Critique: easy, not many pieces. Cutting, stitching & pressing took me about 2 hrs per top.

I loved the styling of this pattern. Most of the Hilary Duff patterns are pretty cute anyway.

Fabric: Kiddo approved 2 way stretch jerseys.

Stripe came from the remnant table at G Street Fabrics. This fabric is so stretchy, that I can fit this top with ease.

Camo came from the remnant table at Hancock's.

Pink high heels came from

Modifications: none, I only did the belt for the black top.

Results: kiddo approved. what more can I say?

Kiddo also got a jolt of creativity this week. She found a pair of too small underwear and decided to cut the waistband off to make a headband. I was pleasantly surprised, she did it all by herself, and it was done well!

I also found a couple of really cool books at library and I MUST share:

Fashion Illustrator: Drawing and Presentation for the Fashion Designer by Bethan Morris - A really cool intro into the world of fashion design. It touches briefly on all of the technical aspects of the creative process. I like it because I am learning where exactly I need to begin in developing my skills - and the skills I want to achieve. Lots of pretty pics to look at too.

The New Creative Artist: A Guide To Developing Your Creative Spirit by Nita Leland - This book got my creative juices flowing. I get so caught up in work, my daily duties, and my mundane environment. In the book I found some really cool activities to wake my right brain up. Plus the author's writing makes me feel warm & fuzzy.


christina said...

I love your daughter's creativity with the elastic headband. Very clever! I would never have known.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Love the outfits you made for your daughter! I miss that sewing new school clothes for my DDs.

latoya said...

so cute, you did an awesome job

gold said...

Love those outfits you made for your dd!!I know she loves them!!

KimT said...

great tops! I especially like the striped top.

stacy said...

Those are adorable! I'm going to show these to my daughter and maybe she'll let me make her a few too!