Tuesday, October 16

Inspiration: Winter Looks

Lately my sewing has been all willy-nilly, basically just making whatever I can from the stash. This is causing my wardrobe to be ...... well ........ all willy nilly. I need to get a handle on this because the Goodwill will end up with my whole collection when the seasons change. Before I sew my next garment I'm going to go through my closet and organize & analyze.

I have been seeking inspiration for a sleek winter wardrobe. I perused Bergdorf Goodman and found these to add to my inspiration album:

For this TSE look I'd go with Butterick 5100 view C for the cardigan. You could split the center front with a seam. For the dress Butterick 5104 view D. Now would I be willing to make it in cashmere???

This is Donna Karan. Maybe Vogue will bless me with a pattern, but 2989 is close enough, just add belt and make the pants extra long.

This Alexander McQueen is almost a dead ringer for BWOF 9-2007-103 - the style lines don't match but with the quilting it's almost dead on. I don't have a pic of the back but I'm sure those shaping darts can be added. Holy smokes, I am in love with that gold quilted fabric!!!!

Does pre-quilted leather exist? Man, this makes me wish I could chuck my 9-5 & sew all day. But then where/when would I wear this stuff? Maybe I could take a sewing retreat like the CMarie12? I just need two weeks. I think might have the flu soon. *cough, cough*

I am falling in love with McQueen. That jacket will be a hard one to exactly replicate with a pattern, but Vogue 8343 is workable (easy!!!). How about McCall's 5530 (view B) or Burda 8592 I prefer to keep the lines simple and let the fabric shine. Of course the slacks would be my obsession Vogue 8427

This is a cute look from Chloe. I like the mini with the window pane pockets! Now THOSE ARE NOT in my pockets book. Dang!!!!! McCall's 5520 for the top. I would probably use Simplicity 4041 since I already have it, but 9825 is a closer match as far as shape.

This is an easy one from Temperley London. McCall's 5516 view A with the flounce from View C is an easy fit with a minor sleeve change. I'm digging the b&w. I didn't think I needed this pattern when it debuted, but now I see the potential.

Right now this is the dream new year's eve dress by Temperley London. I can see myself in this with some platforms! If I ever get "focused" enuff I'd try to morph something similar. That would be tons of work! I like Vogue 2963 for this one. Keep the straps & take off the bottom layers. Adding the sheer top without having that homemade look would be the hard part for me.

I think it's time for me to try a S.W.A.P. or at least a mini one with 3-4 outfits. But first I'm gonna tackle my closet.


Adrienne said...

WOW, these are great picks! Love all your inspiration!

christina said...

So much great inspiration here! Thanks for sharing your snoop shopping. I like that gold quilted coat with the belt peeking out of the front. And the skirt pockets. And your New Years Eve dress!

toya said...

I love how you not only post the styles you like but advice on patterns to acheive the look, you did you home work and you have a good eye, very very good choice.. great post
take care

Anonymous said...

Boy you sure make a poignant statement about willy-nilly. I'm guilty of the same thing and if I don't knock it off I'll have a closet full of "nothing to wear." Wait. I already do.

Great inspiration photos and the quilted leather? To. Die. For.

Leslie said...

Love you inspiration pics and your extremely helpful pattern choices, right up my alley! Thanks!

gold said...

Yes I love all your picks!!After looking at all that,I think I am in the sewing mood now!!Love this post you did!!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like your choices but beware the darts on the back of the Alexander McQueen. They are like a sign saying "Booty over here!"

As for making a mini-swap I think that's a wonderful way to start. It will allow you to use the basic principals of a SWAP and you can always build upon the collection of garments later!

flytie said...

oooh. nice choices. i always did think you and i had similar tastes in certain looks.