Thursday, October 25

Review: McCall 5535

McCall's 5535
(click pics for larger view)
How I wore it today
Size: 14

Pattern Critique: I made this (view A) last night on impulse because I needed a break from Halloween costumes. A super quick sew for a cute semi-current dress. Certainly my style as you can probably tell. (me & tent dresses are here >< ) I have a similar dress I got from Target last year that I still wear. Pattern was overall good, not many pieces to cut & mark, everything matched up.

One thing to be aware of is the ease factor. Those of you who need an FBA (full bust adjustment) probably wont need to do much adjusting and those with a little pot belly (like myself) may need to go down a size to reduce the preggo look.

Fabric: Printed polyester matte jersey from Joanns. I fell in love with this after I saw this review on PR

Modifications: I used the longer skirt from view B. none for fit, I usually fit this style with no mods

Results: I could stand to go down a size to get a sleeker look. But I'm hoping it will shrink in the wash since I was impatient & didn't pre-treat. If it doesn't shrink enuff I'll take out a few inches of elastic in the waist. I wont sew this again for public wear but the longest version (view D) would make a cute night gown.

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gold said...

Girl it is looking good on you!!The color looks great on you!

Lisa domesticdiva said...

It looks beautiful on you...stop second guessing's perfect!

flytie said...

oh, i remember that fabric. i almost bought some to make a skirt.

lookin' good. :-)

Leslie said...

I was just oogling that fabric yesterday, it looks great on you! I like the way you styled it in the 2nd pic.

Elaray said...

That is really popular fabric! I bought some a few weeks ago. And, I have a similar dress in mind. I thought we all sewed so we wouldn't see ourselves walking down the street!!!