Thursday, December 6

I still wanna crochet.

I tried again this week while I was idle at work using my books, but I was still a little... slow, I forgot what I previously learned. I understand the concepts, but I cant put it into practice just yet. Probably because I'm a lefty and the books have right handed illustrations. I'm all confused.

so I did some browsing found some stuff online.

download-able Crochet video tutorials
free video lessons from coats and clark
how to left hand crochet
tips for left hand crochet


Tracey said...

Perhaps you have already tried this. When I am teaching a left-handed person to crochet (or knit) I have them sit directly in front of me. That way they are able to get a better feel of what I'm doing even though I'm right-handed.
Also, I have a teaching DVD that I think is very good. I would be happy to send it to you it if you like.

Anonymous said...

LOL no, ROLMHO because I picked up knitting needles last night and got some nice cotton off the 'bay. I would like to knit some dish rags and it is a near disaster so many mistakes.....I am hoping that blocking it will hide I am LOL because I am a lefty too and it is hard for me to learn from books so I fuddle my way through. Is there a crochet DVD available? I got a knit DVD and it is helpful for beginner stuff.
Hope you find some help. My dish cloth is half done, error and

gold said...

I took two a classes on how to crochet.Now I hate I paid that money for the class with all this free stuff on the internet that show you how to do things like that.Girl you will get it.After the holidays are over I am going to practice on how to knit.

Have a great weekend!

Lisa thedomesticdiva said...

thanks soooooooooo much for posting the links. I, too, am left-handed and those left-hand tips are going to be lots of help for me.

Sometimes it stinks being left-handed in a right-handed world, but heck, more creative people are left-handed, so there...LOL!

with friendship,

kasizzle said...

I have tried to teach myself to crochet so many times! I am a lefty, also. I can't wait to study those links! Thanks!!!

Kate said...

Thanks for the great links! I also found this site helpful when I was learning how to crochet.