Thursday, December 13

Tis the season

The family celebrates Kwanzaa instead of Christmas so I technically (& luckily) have until Jan. 1 to make & distribute gifts.

Here are a couple of gifts I've done so far.

A mini-quilt for Addy.
Made from leftovers from my main quilt project - in the works. The backing & middle are made from leftover remnant from her coat. (gotta use every scrap!) I actually hand-quilted the layers together to give it that "old time" look. I'm not doing that with the big quilt.

McCall's 5151 for little sis's cat
I shortcut this pattern considerably trying to be cheap which is why it has white topstitching. But that's what sharpies are for right? (sshh dont tell sis)
(i'm sorry yall gotta see Betsey in her underoos)

BWOF 12-2007-123
which was supposed to be for me. but I accidentally cut & sewed a 38 instead of 40 with 5/8 seam allowance instead of the 1/2 that I added (yea. I've been all jacked up lately) so it's a gonna be for whichever sis wants/fits it.

I am also planning to make some jammies, jewelry & scarves (no crochet) during next week.

This weekend I will try to get motivated to finish up the SWAP & take some pics in the McCall's dress. Pirouette is looking so good with her SWAP and making me feel so bad - lol!


007gurl said...

That is a really cute carrier. Great idea!!!

Cidell said...

Ahem. I am a 38. And, I was planning on making that in the white, grey, pink plaid from A Fabric Place. I'm just sayin'....

Pirouette1196 said...

Hey Sewl Sista, thanks for the shout out! Your SWAP is really coming together too. Can't wait to see the finished collection.

gold said...

That carrier is cute.I also like that quilt you did a great job on the hand sewing.

And good luck on your SWAP you will make it!!!