Friday, January 4

Bandwagon Resolutions

I really didn't want to make any sewing resolutions this year. (even though I love ready everyone else's)

I figured I should though, so I can get focused in a direction and get started on some projects.

  1. Forget SWAP – I have enough regimented things in my life. I will finish those items I have cut out already. Sewing is one of those “free” things that I can do without plans, responsibility or obligations. I need to keep it fun.
  2. Learn to crochet (finally!!) I picked up the newest Get Your Crochet On! and was really inspired.
  3. Sew more accessories – bags, hats, belts, anything cool! Right now I am working on a bag for kiddo since she just has to carry reading material everywhere she goes
  4. Study & take notes on a technique on every project – even if it is something I think I already “know.” This is how I plan on increasing my skills.

P.S. I am also drumming up votes for the PR Holiday Contest. My entry is 3rd from the bottom.


Anonymous said...

no 4 is totally up my alley

gold said...

You have my vote!!

Gorgeous Things said...

I so hear you on SWAP and sewing freedom. I admire those who are able to plan it and see the plan through, but for me, I like to let my creative instincts take me in whatever direction they choose. The good thing is that I tend to wear colors that go together, so I don't end up with orphans in my closet very often.