Tuesday, February 12

Leave it to kiddo to show me up...

I've been (sort of) trying to crochet for almost a year. Kiddo told me she needed badly to learn to crochet after learning that I got the training CD from Tracey (um, just who does kiddo think she is - "needing" to crochet...?)

Since the disk wasn't compatible with my computer, I went ahead and put it on hers. We still couldn't watch the videos, but were able to see & hear the tutorials, she immediately made a slipknot.... Then we went online to the Coats & Clark website & to NexStitch to watch the vid-clips, she was crocheting a chain PERFECTLY in a matter of minutes!

This is one of the FOUR chains she made last night.
I am wearing two on my wrist and this one she attached it to her hair and wore it today.

What I didn't know is that she has been sneaking and reading my Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet book and already had an idea of how crochet worked and immediately caught on. It took me days of reading two books and viewing a number of online tutorials to figure out to slipknot and weeks to get the hang of the friggin chain!

I've also been testing out a new iron I purchased about 2 weeks ago. So far so good - meaning no leaking, spewing, it has even, HOT heat, and a good amount of steam for quick garment ironing, and the water tank lasts FOREVER.

I haven't done any heavy duty sewing to test it out on but it looks promising so far. (Plus I hide it from hubby who is the iron killer, he still uses the sucky, poor Sunbeam)

Ok sis here is your dress 90% complete, I just need to install a zipper and hem it.



Breath of Light said...

Go kiddo!!


flytie said...

nice iron. i'm still using one i got for like...$2 at a garage sale. *hangs head in shame* lol! but it works pretty well. i know what you mean, though. nothing more annoying than an iron spewing out water on your material! *grrr*

i admire your daughter's creative interests. she's so cool. :-D

cidell said...

hahaha. Ok. So when my roommate moved in, I made him use the crappy Sunbeam too. He wasn't allowed near my Rowenta and I would take the cord for my gravity feed with me so he couldn't use it while I was out of the country. Yeah. I know. I'm mean.

Kathleen C. said...

Yeah, kids just have that quick learning ability. But good for her jumping in that way!
Hey, if you ask her maybe she can show you how to do it (heeheehee).

Kelroc said...

Yay for kiddo. As fpr you, being a leftie makes it a little for difficult. Just be patient you will get it.

gold said...

Kids catch on fast!!
That dress is looking cute!