Tuesday, July 8

Something new

Thumbing through my August Lucky I was FINALLY hit with a stroke of inspiration. Page 67 features a (super haute!) dress by designer Nicholas K.

Oh baby, where has she been all my life year. I am loving the silhouette - loosely draped yet body skimming, (layers!!) in a pallete of earthtones and natural fibers. As much as I am attracted to the bold, structured look of most of the spring 08/fall08 trends they just aren't "me" I'm a casual girl, NicholasK's fall08 collection really floats my boat. Here are a few of my favorite looks.

CORRECTION: Simplicity 3887! not 3771, lol

I can so see myself copying being inspired by a few of these looks this fall.



toy said...

those are some really interesting pieces, I had to go back into my lucky to check them out

fly tie said...

daaaang..that nicholas k. has some great designs.

Adriana B. said...

Wow, I love the designs... Never heard of this label before but am totally digging it!