Wednesday, December 10

A cure for lethargy... pants that don't fit. My waistline has grown by a whopping 6 inches, but on the flipside my hips/thighs have shrunk. So I'll probably look like a lollipop real soon. I'm not gonna even mention my bust area growth (although I just did, lol)

Plus I was missing my fellow bloggers' updates. SOOO many wonderful projects/vibes/inspirations going on out there. I think I'm ready to get back in the grove.

I had to get myself some pants because of the bulge. I have been hating on the maternity pattern offerings. The old elastic waist with the bucket front IS NOT CUTE!! Plus it seams kinda bulky. I did get Simplicity 4704 for the button down.

I mean come on!!!!! I'm sorry but I don't see the cuteness in this. I'd be embarrased wearing this.

So I braved the mall thinking I would buy. I went to Motherhood and did not appreciate the prices, Target wasn't much better. But the styling was kind of nice. Most of them looked like regular pants with a Lycra knit waistband. Which got me thinking, all I have to do is find a pant pattern with a low rise waist and replace the waistband.

Turns out I already had the pattern: McCall's 3935, now out of print. I've made these ages ago when I first got back into sewing, with good results. They are a very simple wide leg, mock fly front, no pocket pair of slacks. Good pattern for beginners if you can get your hands on it.

I made the pants as instructed in my usual size, but left out the zipper, and serged on a folded over knit band to the waist. It worked perfectly for fit, comfort and $. Plus I made two pair in a matter of a few hours, so I didn't wear myself out in the process.

I went to Jo's so I to pick up some on sale suiting fabric and I found the knits in the remnant bin, so these pants cost me about $10 each.

I'm not trying these on for ya 'cause... well just 'cause. Give me some time. Trust that they fit and feel great. I almost thought about making some to wear post pregnancy with a tighter waistband. But I promise I won't.


Sewuptight said...

Isn't it just lovely knowing how to sew? Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Elaray said...

I've been wondering how you're doing. It's good to hear from you! My youngest sister lived in sweats during her pregnancy and bought very few maternity clothes. The prices were ridiculous!

Pajnstl said...

way to improvise!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Glad to hear you are doing okay and doing a little sewing too! And as long as the pants fit and work for you, then you're good!!!

fly tie said...

eeek! i'm still so excited about the baby, lol!

great way to make the pant pattern work.

Gwen said...

Isn't it so cool to be able to look at clothes in the store, think about their construction details, and then go home, modify a pattern and make something for yourself? :)

Your WIP banner is really cool! Congratulations on your new BIG (as in lifetime!) project! :)

Tracey said...

I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. How's Kiddo? Great job with the pants, they look very comfortable.

narcissaqtpie said...

Hi yall!!! Thanks for checking up on me :) Kiddo has been taking good care of me & baby, mostly making sure I don't give into my cravings.

I think I'm really coming out of the sick phase, I've felt pretty good all week, so more sewing ahead.

Cennetta said...

Your pants look great. I felt the same as you when it came to purchasing ready made maternity clothes. I couldn't do it! lol

Adrienne said...