Monday, January 19

Award Tour

I got blog award from Stormee. Last week and it's kinda on time cause I just made a camera case from a place mat, some fleece remnant and bias tape - all from the stash of course. Since I got a new camera. I needed a spiffy new case instead of the old $0.94 plastic Walmart special I've been using.

The cute colorful ones sold at Target were too expensive for my budget, especially when I can make something just as cute. I used the Walmart case as template and drew up my pattern (just drew up the measurements.) Took no time at all since there were just two pieces.
OK now I have to nominate 10 folks... Not that I don't wanna, but my brain is on overload at the moment so I'll come back to it later cause there are some folks who constantly make lemonade really refreshing lemonade too!! that I want to acknowledge.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sewl Sista #1!!!!!

I just wanted to tell you I like your camera bag. Funny thing though, in the first photograph (before I read the post), I thought it was a slipper!!!!!! You may have just found a very easy way to make slippers!!!!!! GO YOU !!!! and CONGRATULATIONS on the BABY Boy Bundle of joy!!!