Saturday, July 18


Finally done w/ those last baby projects! Check my reviews on PatternReview

Now that I am back to pre-preggy size I went clothes shopping the other day. My closet sucks right now. To my dismay I only came home with one skirt and some undies! What I really wanted were a pair of NORMAL jeans and a couple of cute tops.

I tried on a knit maxidress in THE BEST kelly green, but the bust was cut so small. I mean like for an AAAAAA cup, I even tried on the X-large first because the bust looked tiny on the hanger. I'm glad I can make my own. Gotta find that green though. It is TIME to get back into sewing.

I will try one more place for jeans otherwise...

Those are the jeans style patterns I have in the stash. I tried on some skinny leg jeans and if I may brag I look pretty darn cute in them. If I could just find some affordable ones without the silly pocket designs and the weird washes. I never would have thought to try skinny jeans before. I have a new appreciation for my bod since being pregnant/giving birth for the second time. Life is too short, but I still ain't buying $100 jeans!!!

Others have had great luck with sewing jeans, (OMG EricaB!) so I could use their lessons and trial & error and give it a go.

OOH have you seen the new Vogues?!? (sure you have, lol) I just ordered 6! Even though I had double that on my wish list..

My ab fave is #1122
Alice + Olivia holy moly!!! no same old pants!!! Hooooorayyyyy!!! I wanna see more!!!

The McCall & Simplicity Fall previews left something to be desired but for me Vogue came through. The main Fall pattern I have my eye on:




in the stash...V8334-oop

On TV I saw Stacy London in a sleek, fitted, black vest with white piping along the seams and pockets and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind since.

vest inspiration
(click pic for larger view

...Parting Shot
6 week old Jr looking up in my face at 4:00.........a.m.

My goal this weekend is to finish my last UFO and start getting some back-to-work projects ready. I go back in about 5 weeks so I better get hot.


Elaray said...

Shopping for RTW really sends you back to the sewing room, doesn't it? And Jr. looks so thoughtful - at 4:00 AM! LOL

Adrienne said...

Awwwww he is SO CUTE!!!!!!

Girl I hear you on shopping! I go just to try on stuff to see how it looks on me and nothing fits right lol.

We must be on the same wavelength lol I JUST put some denim in the wash lol.

I'm getting ready to try Jalie 2908. Can't wait lol.

Sew Shy said...

I need to make jeans too - I can't find any RTW ones that fit. Your son is absolutely adorable!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

He is absolutely adorable!!!!

Sew-Ann said...

Awww look at the baby!! And vests are right up my alley just like jackets.

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Hi there,
Jr. is precious. I, too could use a pair of jeans. I don't own any! It's good to know your back to your pre-baby fly self. Though you were pretty fly when expecting. Can wait to see what you're doing for fall. I love the vest inspiration. I have some faux snakeskin-print leather you've given me an idea for.

gold said...

Jr. is so cute!!
I have that same jeans pattern and haven't been brave enough to make them.

Sheila said...

Jr is totally adorable and looking mighty alert at 4:00am.

I'm so in a vest mode right now too and purchased a few differnt patterns.

I have the same jean pattern, but chickened out of sewing them and went to the Loft and bought a

c-ing said...

Beautiful baby