Sunday, November 22

Just some reviews

Now that I have a bit of blogging time during the week, I don't even have anything to say! I've been sewing in the past few months, just not anything interesting enough to photo or blog about.

Completed items include:

2557 - not gonna review, you can see a pic on the post before this one
2554 - not going to review, made a muslin with some leftover fabric. I want to get some nice fabric to make a true version
2812 - Might do a review, I need to sew on the buttons first.

8483 - although I keep meaning to make the jacket, I made the pants.
8300 - reviewed

5332 - reviewed
5394 - to be reviewed (after I get the buttons on, lol)

5849 - to be reviewed kiddos pageant dress
5972  - reviewed
5885 - need to review, i LOVE this one. I wear it a lot.
5858 - reviewed. HAAAAAA! I am the only one in the world who likes these. Yes they laughed at work. Still love them though.
5592 - Might review
5714 - not reviewing, made for kiddo

Wow.... now that I've gotton this down on "paper" I guess I have been doing something. I have some OK things to wear. But I am really trying to use up my on-hand fabric

 ....Before you even ask, no I don't sleep much, lol. Might as well sew.

On the chopping block is Simplicity 2512. I have it cut out right now. and I keep pulling out the pieces for Vogue 8202, to make in stretch cord, but I keep putting it away, so many pattern pieces!!

OK, no excuses. I guess I better get to sewing/reviewing/photo snapping.


Aminat said...

Wao, you've been super busy.... Great job on all your garment... How did you make all these as busy as you are? You are really a super woman... Have a lovely week

Adrienne said...

You have been busy girl!!!!! How is the baby?! Everyone adjusted? LOL