Monday, October 4

Forever - by Floacist & Musiq Soulchild

Love the new song, and I LOOOOOOVE her look. For years, I have secretly wished I had the confidence to shave my head bald and just forget about hair. I find it so beautiful. Not necessarily in looks, but inner beauty. Confidence. It just radiates. I want that. Locs give me some freedom - from doing much with my hair that is, but I'm talking true freedom. I'm talking SKI-BALD.


I just don't have the guts.

I know this because when I did the "big chop" (cut off my relaxed hair to reveal my natural hair) eight years ago I was left with roughly 1-2 inches of hair and I immediately put my hair in braid extensions, and I kept getting it done for months until I felt like I had enough hair to wear it out in the world. I thought without hair, I looked like a 12 year old boy. (forgive me for this completely, un-PC quote: I said to Hubby that I looked like Lee Malvo)

But it really made me see me. I could not hide behind my hair. It was a different feeling. At the time I was not ready. Today though, I need to go there again, something is in there (here?) getting lost day by day. I'm ready, but "my world" is not.

A few years later it started getting too long for me to handle so I loc'd it at the urging of hubby. I really wanted to cut it off again. But I can't. Hair is too easy when you have lots of it. Its a distraction. Hubby (like most Black men. like most people) is hung up on long hair. Not so sure what would happen at work, I'm a presenter/Instructor. My mom might seek an intervention for me, etc...

Hubbs was so mad when kiddo cut off her locs. Now SHE (kiddo) on the other hand, loves her short afro hairstyle. She was able to see her and she loooves it. Rightly so. While she is looking forward to growing it out long again, un-loc'd, she is unwilling to get extensions in the meantime! I still put her in them to give her a break during basketball tournaments. My youngest sister, wears her hair natural and shorn, but she looks like a model so she don't count.

But I can dream, especially now that I have a new "muse." Maybe I can get the nerve one day. It's only freedom.

(P.S. I still miss Floetry tho)


Mz.Choize said...

I miss Floetry too! I almost didnt recognize her, she looks great.

It's very freeing, I once took the plunge and shaved it all off, lol. No political reason, just felt like it, Hubby just shook his head as usual. I purchased a pair of big hoops,put my makeup on and kept it moving. Two weeks later, got it faded and wore it short and platinum for a year. The funny thing is, when I let it grow people were like, "Aawh, you letting it grow back? Why?"

toy said...

yes, it does take a lot of confidence to go bald but she is beautiful.
I haven't heard this song so thanks for posting it

Dei said...

Perfect timing. I'm sitting under a hair dryer slave to my relaxed hair. Both of my daughters wear their hair natural. One with a short fro she puts in braids from time to time and the other in all these gorgeous styles. I attended a baby shower this weekend with a young sister who had just accidentally shaved her head and now loves it. You do it when you're ready, but it's going to look beautiful.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

About a decade ago, I cut mine all off. I wasn't bald but I went to the barbers for shape ups! :) At the time, everyone in my family questioned me...especially the men...but I needed to free myself from the hair.

I couldn't do that today...not where I work now...but I do remember how easy it was. Wash and dry in the shower, a little pink lotion, head out into the world.

I agree with Dei - you will do it when you're ready! BTW, glad to see you back to posting!

Newness of Life said...

I just saw that video today and was sort of hypnotized by her bald head. I think it suits her actually. For me, a shaved head is just too easy. Although I've never gone BALD, I've gotten my hair cut very low (as in the lowest guard) a few times. And I've always loved it. But for me it's just too easy to cut it because I'm lazy like that when it comes to my hair. That's even part of the reason I'm growing locs now. Which is to make it easy for me to be lazy about myhair. lol

Awww, your mini me cut her locs! Where have EYE been? I need to make my blog rounds again. It's been too long.

Edris said...

I too cut all my hair off about 13 years ago. I wore it short (very short) for awhile and I got all sorts of interesting comments from loved ones and strangers. I think it was so shocking since I always had shoulder length to longer hair. Today I rock twists, twist outs, or unruly BIG HAIR. I miss my my 1" fro but the hubby would flip if I cut it again.

Adrienne said...

What is it about men and hair!??!
Love the song!

fly tie said...

oh, wow! that's the sista from floetry? okaaaaaaaay!

i feel you though. i contemplate shaving ym head all the time. i'm just plain lazy when it comes to my hair. i wore head wraps for most of the summer.

i too was the same when i first went natural. had 1-2 inches, and wasn't really "ready". now, though, i know i can handle it!

kiddo cut her locs!?!?

i'm late. i know she looks gorgeous.

*off to search for a pic*