Tuesday, November 2

Cold War

Last year I posted about fur and I'm still into it this year. Luckily there are some new silhouettes to inspire.

  1. Love this silhouette but I'm afraid on my waistless frame it will be too bulky with the ruffles.
  2. Hot! I can see this with so many different outfits from casual to dressy.
  3. I need this, like now... making plans...
  4. Love the fur on this. If I find a fur like this I'm getting it.
At first glance, I loooooove this jacket, but thought it would be too Wild Kingdom/Animal Planet. But with the right slinky faux fur I think I can make it work. I will be on the lookout for somthing with a knit backing, anything stiff and rug-like will add bulk. Of course I will be going to Joann's first, some of their faux furs recently caught my eye.

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sewistafashionista said...

I think the Dolce Vita coat is the bomb! The McCalls pattern you choose is a good replica. Can't wait to see the coat!