Wednesday, December 22

The Skinny

Never thought I would fall for "skinny" jeans because I have been a diehard bootcut girl for ever - like half my life so far. Truthfully, I have been afraid to try them since the cut looks like an instant self esteem killer for the not so skinny folks! Like, how many pair/brands would I need to try on before I'd have to cry myself to sleep? Much props to the ladies who have the patience & strength to buy skinny jeans.

I've been cleaning out my closet and found some old jeans that fit decent enough & gave my wardrobe a free update. I went online to check out the current tutorials and after checking a few, decided they were doing "too much."

I figured all I needed to do was determine how narrow I wanted my ankle and mark the seam line from the knee down and sew. That worked. If you have a buddy, try the jeans on inside out, pin and sew, quick n dirty! 

If you have a pair of bootcuts or flares (with Lycra!) and want to try this, here's what I did.
  1. Check your side seams and innerleg seams to determine where you will sew. You will need to mark & sew on the side with the regular straight seam not the felled seam.
  2. Measure your anklewidth and add a couple inches - or whatever you want depending on how tight you want the ankles. Divide that number by 2. (Tip: This can be trial and error, if you've never worn skinny jeans. You might not know how skinny they should be. In that case, it's best to start with a bigger measurement and you can easily adjust after you try them on.)
  3. Next, try on the jeans and stick a pin at the knee. The knee is the narrowest part of flares and bootcuts. This is where your sewn seam will start. If you have trouble with this get help, or put the jeans on inside out and mark it with a pen/chalk.
  4. Turn the jeans inside out. From your knee pin/mark, measure the length down to the ankle. Transfer that meaurement to the other leg.
  5. Mark your ankle width measurement on both legs.Trace the taper/seam line from the knee to the ankle.
  6. Sew on the line you traced. I started from the original seam and blended into my line. (Tip: use a basting stitch so you can rip it out if it's too tight.)
  7. Turn right side out and try on. If the fit is good pink, overcast or serge off the excess. I like my jeans long & left them as is, if yours are too long you can hem them.


Aminat said...

Wow, you look really great in your skinny jeans. Never thought of this. Thanks for the post and have a great holiday

Victoria said...

I used to be only a flare/ bootcut jean wearer. Yeah, skinny jeans are alot more flattering then I used to think. You look great in yours. I'll have to try some myself.

Adrienne said...

Great look for you!

Lizz M said...

Back in the eighties when I lived in Panama, sometimes fashion was not available until after a year, compare to the US. So me and my friends were pros on altering jeans. We made them tighter, skinnier and fix the waist. We ripped them, washed them with clorox to obtain a different wash. Inspired by you, I will go to my closet and check what can be updated.

Myra said...

I totally agree with you first statement and therefore the reason I don't own a pair of skinny jeans! However, seeing how nice you look, I'm rethinking the look too! Great post Nikia!

Anonymous said...

I think you look great!
Your legs look long and lean,om hip to but not like twigs. That kind of shape is really flattered by skinny jeans.

I'm coming to realize that as much as I love bootcut, but very slim or straight/slightly wide from hip to hem are most flattering on my short self.