Tuesday, May 31

No Worries

After I took a deep breath, I went ahead and finished the trench dress last week, just working a little each day.

I'm always hard on myself when I make a sewing mistake & I've done it all -- from sewing pieces on backwards, to sewing through my fingertip.

This is one of the main reasons why I need to keep sewing as a hobby/pleasure and not work. I believe it's the only thing I can do with no obligations, expectations, frustrations. I need something like that in my world.


Sorry no sources, just random pics from my inspiration folder.


Pls excuse my 13 year old photog. She was trying to get fancy with the angles.
**Sigh**, wrinkly cotton. BUT THE BELT LOOPS ARE NOW CORRECT!! lol!!!

Trying it on...

While I love the results, I don't find this to be the most flattering dress for my shape. (as you can see here) My other "issue" with it, is not having enough fabric to make the belt. That would have helped it some.

I will just wear this as a layering piece... In the fall/winter.

On dressform...
A shot of the innards. This is the inside back yoke facing.

I'm going to try Butterick 5598 for my "official" trench dress. I think the silhouette will be better on me.

Butterick 5598

I'm good with this one though...


Shawnta said...

I think it is a good layering piece but I like the second one as a dress as well.

Jenny said...

Looks great! Can't believe you fixed the beltloops... lol!

Manecoarse said...

Wow. You did such a good job. I coulda sworn you bought it.

Sing said...

I like it, you can do soooo much with this piece.


MAD14kt said...

Your working it girl! :)

Victoria said...

Nice trench dress! I never thought of using it as a layering piece. Smart idea, it looks great like that!

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Very nice. I love it. You look fabulous.

Cennetta said...

The trench dress looks great. You have the right idea about keeping sewing as a hobby and not a job. I'm starting to feel some serious pains from sewing for other people. That is, outside my family. It's just too stressful.

fly tie said...

great job on the trench. {i bought that same butterick pattern recently at the hancock 99 cent sale.}

i feel you on the part about keeping sewing as a hobby. people will get on your last nerve. trust.