Wednesday, May 11


So yesterday I tried my hand at the color blocking craze with a combo of red, black & green. My picture quality is absolutely terrible, accept my apologies, but you can get an idea of where I was going.

Black cardi - Thrifted
Green Blouse; hand me down from Mom.
It's actually a really pretty Jade green but my pictures SUCK!! lol!!!!
Red Pants - New Look 6033, Fabric - Polyester crepe from stash
Shoes - Target

Gratuitous hair pic!
Seriously tho, I wanted to show my earrings that go along with the outfit "theme"


Jenny said...

Love it! You look great in the bold colors!

Uma Preve said...

Cool outfit!

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Very nice! Add yellow pumps and/or accessories!

Manecoarse said...

I love the way you polished your nails. Pretty.

nekiah.torres said...

I am really loving those red pants. I also love your hair! Kiah