Tuesday, June 28

Flower Power!

I reviewed this back in April on PR, but I never blogged it. Sine then, I have worn it-several times and I still love it! I get complimented on the blooming colors whenever I do. This is proof to me that color really does have effect on your mood and environment.

I have to make sure I wear this and more things like it through the winter to help stave off the blues.

Dress: New Look 6731, Fabric: Polyester/Lycra knit from Joann's
Shoes: Nine West

I really am happy.
This is just my "blogger pose" face.

Random-useless-embarrasing fact about me: I owned a pair of white patent leather knee-high go-go boots in my late teens and very early twenties.

Hey, hey don't judge, cause these shoes here redeem me.

Why not!


Shawnta said...

Love the shoes!! Yes they totally redeem you LOL!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

The dress is gorgeous and it looks great on you.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

That's a great dress and the shoes are pretty awesome too!

Ms.Alethia said...

Great looking dress, and needless to say, I LOVE those shoes!!

Andrea said...

Love the dress and LOVE the shoes.

Victoria said...

Cute dress! LOVE the shoes!

marysews said...

Great dress! I made a dress with that fabric last week, and I promise to blog about it soon.