Wednesday, June 8


Toned down "Tribal"...

As much as I love the Afrocentric styles Nakimuli, Boxing Kitten, Adama Paris, etc. are bringing, I'm somewhat over that look, since it's gone mainstream. In fact, it was one of the reasons I started sewing. A lot of my early sewing/diy projects were inspired by Ashaka (still LOVE her much), SHNY, Catch A Fire & Duro Olowu

I still want to do some clothing with that "ethnic flair," but keep away from the busy, bright, costumey look. I would like to keep the silhouette classic and less of a "statement."

Recent looks by Duro Olowu and Oscar de la Renta  are giving me some good guidelines on how to keep it low-key and sophisticated.

Here are my Toned Down "Tribal" guidelines:
  1. Go for prints with fewer colors and with less contrast
  2. Pair ethnic & classic (like the simple black skirt and trousers below, a tweed jacket like above, or LACE!)
  3. Add leather! (or faux)
  4. Mix prints in the same color scheme or pair bright with muted.
  5. Go for non-exaggerated silhouettes - no pointy/puffy shoulders, no excessive drape, no ruching.


RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Love it. I tend to wear a toned down look on a daily basis as some looks can seem "costumey". I love your inspiration boards. I am always on the lookout for African and other ethnic print fabrics. If you come across a source please share.

marysews said...

I like that purple dress! It's my favorite color, and I don't wear yellows and browns because they make me look sickly.

MAD14kt said...

Loving it!!!

Shawnta said...

Hmmm maybe that's why I'm having a hard time with my tribal prints. I'm trying to do too much with the design wise so they become impractical. Great observations and inspirations.

fly tie said...

i've been feeling the SAME way!!! you put my thoughts into words.

Cennetta said...

The inspirational pieces are beautiful. Your guidelines could easy work for most polished toned down work gear. I certainly like your approach. Thanks for the inspiration.