Tuesday, August 2

Something I didn't have to make

My sis thrifted this sweet little dress and wanted me to cut it into a skirt because the bodice was too small. I tried it on and needless to say, she wasnt getting it back.

It's still kind of low for me so I will wear it with a cami underneath next time. I wore it with my long black cardigan (not pictured) and plain black flats.

Dress: Anne Klein
Since it's been hot I havent been in the mood to wear anything that requires extra energy. Hence the Man Repelling super comfy Naturalizer flats that I have been wearing almost daily. Everytime I shop there, I'm the youngest one in the store, and I'm 34, LMAO!!!


Sheila said...

Cute dress, fits you to a T... like the ballet flats.


Love that dress! It fits you perfectly! I can't believe that you are 34!! OMG...I thought you were like 21!! You look so young!! Kiah

Victoria said...

Me Likes! Love the pattern and colors. Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Girl!!!! That dress is super cute! I want to knock it off! Of course, you should too. Lol

MAD14kt said...

CUTE! I don't know if your sister will be asking you to do anything again :)