Friday, September 30

I wonder what kind of sewing machine he has...

Kanye goes fabric shopping for himself??!?!!

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"I want to work from the ground upwards, I don't want to leave it to someone else."

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He's really taking this fashion thing serious. Imagine Kanye West of all folks at the fabric store!!! I don't have a fabric shopping buddy - I prefer to go it alone, but I think I could make an exception for him.

...I'd probably leave it at that, I don't think I'd wanna hang with him at the fashion studio given his temper reputation.

Now I'm kind of curious about his upcoming line. What about you?


Alethia said...

Very interesting...I'm like you, I'm curious as to what his line is going to be like! Thanks for sharing this.

nikol.joi said...

Funny u posted this, As I was going through my dashboard this post was in there.

Check it out, like everything else about Yeezy it's over the top & luxe. I love Yeezy.

Carol said...

Kanye toda (or whatever he says!) Love your site! By any chance is your aunt in gary Queen?