Saturday, November 12

Fabric Haul 11-12-11

I went to G-Street Fabrics (Rockville) hoping to find the fabric for my bridesmaid gown, but was out of luck, color wise, and they didn't have silk jersey at that location. I really wasn't too impressed by the selection of knit colors, but the cotton interlock and double knits they carry look and feel 10x nicer than the ones at Joann's. With the price to match. I had my Veteran's Day coupon and a $50 voucher from Living Social so I was cool. Some of the faux furs were exquisite, but I stayed focused.

On a whim we stopped by Hancock Fabrics in Langley Park, which was closing (they had pattern cabinets for $50) and found THE perfect color jersey in a polyester satin for $4.50/yard. Score. Me and the other Maid of Honor are wearing a different color than the other BMs so I will be making our dresses.
1.  6 yards wax print from Sara Fabrics ($25)
2.  2 yards Wool Suiting from G-Street Fabrics ($14.97 per yard)
 3.  2 yards Cotton/Poly/Lycra double-knit from G Street Fabrics ($19.97 per yard)
 4.  9.5 yards Satin Polyester Knit from Hancock Fabrics ($4.50 per yard for the 2 Maids of Honor)
5.  1.5 yards Black Cotton Interlock  fromG Street Fabrics ($13.97 per yard not shown, in the washer)


Sheila said...

Great haul of fabric. What will been made from the Sara fabric?

Dei said...

Don't you love G St. That back clearance table is the truth, that's for the heads up about Hancock Fabrics. Do you ever go to Sarah's fabric across the street? Can't wait to see what you make.

Harvest Girl ~ said...

yes.. sounds like a great find.. happy crafting sis~

AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

Nice haul. Sarah's?

Anonymous said...

6 yds of wax print for $25, wow! Here I would pay $25 for 1m.