Monday, December 19


How super cute is this little bag by super cute DIY Raven???

This is going on my sister's Bridal Shower to do list for party favors, and all future girly gifts from me.

PS: I got my holiday outfit together. I made New Look 6300. I have a luncheon and a dinner on Weds so I'll get to wear it then.

Later peeps.


Carol said...

Totally forgot about this gift bag! I have a bunch of tacky lace and some old cheap satin that I was about to give away!! Thanks for the reminder I have a few gifts for a young girl and this will be perfect since I have no money to get boxes!!! Thanks for the video post! Time to turn tacky and old into sweet and pretty!

raven said...

Aww *blush*

First off, YOU are super cute. Secondly I agree with Carol. It's all about turning tacky n old into the sweet n pretty. Thanks for the mention + hope your bags are a hit for the bridal shower ;)