Monday, March 12

I can't sew

Somehow I'm afraid to start up any big sewing projects for me because I have the wedding to sew for and I'm not allowed show you what I'm working on. My first deadline is March 31st for the maid of honor dresses and the skirt of the bridal gown. But, I'm gonna try and sneak some pictures in tho, shhh.

Thursday morning I got up at 5am after tossing and turning all night damned insomnia! so I decided that I was gonna sew something new for me. I serged off a yard of fabric for a scarf, and my fuzzy brain handled it well. It was a nice & quick sewing fix and I felt cute wearing it that day. Good enough.

Scarf: "silky" double border print from
Dress: Vogue 8679
(I wore it with a boring black blazer and pumps, but I was still cute tho, lol)

Love this print, it's black and white with a pop of  coral, red and yellow on each border.

Full shot.
Ehhh, should I stick to wearing dangly earrings with this haircut?
I have on "diamond" studs and I'm looking bare from the neck up, at least in the photo.



Lizz M said...

Can you post what fabric you are using for the wedding dress or other details?

Adrienne said...

Big earrings would look great!

Dressed2atee said...

I love your "stay on the seam" title! Cracks me up everytime I visit your blog! LOL

Sheila said...

Great scarf with the dress and although I am a post earring lover, dangling earrings would look great with your fabulous haircut.

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks for the earring feedback y'all! lol! I will talk to my sister this weekend about what I can show. We have a "fitting" scheduled so hopefully I can take a pic of SOMETHING :)