Tuesday, March 20

Why do we try

 I'm a copy cat inspired again, this time by:


I really LURVE (stole that word from Adrienne :) Kiah's blog overall and I get "style" and "life" inspiration from her regularly. Plus, we almost have the same first name, what's not to love? Check out her site!

So, I'm blogging my look from today (first day of spring!) because I reviewed New Look 6802 eons ago and I don't think I've ever posted it so here goes. (Old pics on flickr)

Dress: New Look 6802 (the long sleeve is tapered)
Fabric: Joann's Fashion knits

I made this dress almost two years ago and I still love it!

PS: Confession: I have made a lot of things over the years and not blogged/reviewed them so you have and will be seeing some things not recently made.

PPS: My sister says I can show what I've done so far on the wedding dress!! Yahooo!!! I finished the skirt so I will get that up very soon.

...this song is making my life complete right now...



toy said...

the dress looks great and I like how you made the inspiration look your own, very nice!

flyTie Clothing said...

ha! you did cut your hair! you look great...of course. :-)

flyTie Clothing said...

ha! you did cut your hair!! you look great...of course. :-)