The fabric of my life

My fabric sources, in case you cared ever wondered where I get my fabric & stuff:


I have a big love/hate thing with Joann's. The closest store to me is a freaking MADHOUSE. I go there and end up leaving empty handed most of the time. So I only shop there if I know I can get in and out-QUICKLY, and that's usually right at opening or right before closing. I dont want to give this store a bad rap. Too many people shop there with their bad ass kids running all over the place tearing up ish... and the staff is very rude sometimes most all of the time.


I remember a trip there on a Sunday afternoon, during a big sale: I was entering and a woman was exiting, looking EXTRA PISSED. She screamed as she passed me "I HATE THIS STORE!!!" I almost turned around and left - I was really (scared as hell) freaked out by her, but I found what I needed quickly and left pleased.

The two stores I frequent are:

9978 York Rd Cockeysville, MD 21030

20 Englar Rd Westminster, MD 21157
They both have friendlier staff, better inventory than the larger stores, a smaller crowd during sales, and there's always a unique piece of fabric to find in the clearance section or tucked away hidden in the cheesy stuff.
Hancock Fabrics
8151 Ritchie Highway # B Pasadena, MD 21122

I have gotten some good stuff at the Pasadena store, but the last few times I went I was very unimpressed by the junkyness and uninspiring selection, and haven't been back.  The staff has always been very nice and helpful to me. I want to try the Gaithersburg store, but that's a hike for me.
I don't even want to talk about the (dirty, junky) Langley Park store, even though it's where I purchased my beloved Singer CG-550 (back in 05)

A Fabric Place

Honestly, I don't know what the big deal is. I wasn't super impressed with the selection, but I have some good stuff (silks that I'm afraid to sew, lol) from here. 

I've never gotten the red carpet treatment like others I read about when I visit. Maybe they dont like me, lol! I would go back for the lovely silk prints though (that I'm afraid to sew.)

6324 Falls Road Baltimore, MD 

G Street (old Rockville store) Great store, awesome fabric but I need to have $$$ when I go there. I have yet to visit the newer Rockville location, but I will, next time I'm in the area.

Sarah Fabrics Love this store, even the overpacked, fabric falling on you, junkyness of it. I've found some nice knits and some nice wax prints.

1173 University Boulevard East Takoma Park, MD 20912

Vina Fabrics Good for wax prints.

8001 New Hampshire Ave # 11, Hyattsville, MD My go to place for knits and good clearance deals. I can always find coupons and the free shipping on orders over $35 is total awesomeness. Haven't shopped there lately, but I have purchased some great pieces in the past and am always happy with the service. I am dying to go to the retail store in PA.

  1. Last summer (2010) a friend of a co-worker, who happened to be my neighbor, was being forced by her hubby to purge her stash. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. It was quite an adventure to say the least. I ended up with TWO carloads (a full back seat and full trunk of my little Sarah Palin.) There was a lot of sparkly and sheer stuff so I ended up keeping about two bags and donating the rest. I've used a lot of it and scored some nice wool and linen.
  2. My Aunt, in Gary In, who was a professional dressmaker/seamstress lets me steal from peruse her stash when I visit. She has had some great vintage patterns. She made my prom dress - that I designed. I need to pull out that dress and blog it...

And yes, I have a pretty sizable fabric stash, nothing extreme, but I like having fabric at the ready for sewing anytime and all the time!