Wednesday, April 25

Review: Simplicity 4366

<<I probably won't wear this ensemble w/ the belt. I'm not digging the way it looks on film
Simplicity 4366:


Pattern critique:
Average to Advanced. I preread the directions and was a little confused, but figured once I got in I'd be OK. The pictures were great and I was OK until it got to the fly & front area steps. From that point no matter how many times I reread the steps I just didn't "get" it. I just used them for as much as I could figure out and winged the rest. I didn't feel like seeking out resources because I made it through, but I'm gonna have to study up some on pants construction

Fabric:Black & White Cotton/Spandex Twill print from JoAnn. My choice was inspired by a Michael Kors b&w print capri that I saw in Vogue Magazine a while ago. They had a nice relaxed looking fit and the model wore a white button down blouse w/ black platforms. I cannot find the exact pants online anywhere but here's an idea:
<<michael kors capri pants spring 2005
Modifications: none except putting some cute buttons on the front instead of inside the waistband

Results: Good. The styling was very RTW, and they fit me well w/ no alterations. i just hated the directions.

I got so confused and turned around that I had to rip and restart a few times. Examples of confusion/traumatic sewing experience include:

*pinning the belt loops to the leg
*putting the zipper on backwards
*cutting the fly flap backwards, luckily I cut two,
*pricking my finger on a needle and bled on the fabric before I realized it, which caused me to have to wash (and let fray) the pants right away before I could finished off the insides the way I planned (hong kong techinique). Good news: the oxiclean worked awesomely :)
*sewing on the hook & eye backwards, I'm so pissed i'm just gonna leave it.

Simplicity instructions do this to me. I prefer Burda and KwikSew directions so far. They keep it simple and short. I've done similar styled pants before from Mccall and they were a snap - the fit wasn't as good as these tho... I'll try again them after doing some reading/research.


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

LOoks good!!! Love that black and white fabric!

gold said...

Look great!Don't you just hate when you read the directions over and over and don't get it?When tha that happens to me I have to put it down for a day or two.

Great job!!!

toya said...

looks great, I would never be able to pull those off, but they are gorgeous on you

narcissaqtpie said...


Dawn said...

You did a great job!

You know, sometimes I have to pin or hand baste things together to "see" how they are going to go together once they are turned and such. It's hard for me to "think in stereo."

Also, sometimes pattern instructions are JUST PLAIN WRONG. So sometimes you just have to trust yourself.

Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing book is a good one for learning how to do fly zippers. As are all of the Threads magazines' Sewing Library books (the pants version in this case.) Then again, I'm a book learner. some people are visual learners or doing learners.

If you make the same pattern again in a different fabric, you'll learn a lot.

Once i put a zipper in backwards while *teaching* a class on professional techniques!! It looked beautifully topstitched, but one would've had to put one's hands inside the front of their pants to zip or unzip it! So don't feel bad!!

If you don't like the belt, how about something softer, like a black scarf instead?

Again, you look great, good job!

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement!!! I am going to look for those books on my next library trip. I am really motivated to learn true techniques instead of my usual "feeling my way around" style

Erica B. said...

Very cute... lovin' that black and white.