Wednesday, April 25

Inspiration: Knit Dresses

Ever since I found the perfect jersey-knit tees at Banana Republic and made that HotPatterns dress in a super-comfy jersey I have been craving more knit items in my wardrobe.

On the Neiman's and Saks websites and in the latest Newport News catalogs I've been seeing some cute knit dresses. Now the NN dresses aren't particularly expensive, as a matter of fact they are really affordable, much cheaper than sewing. I think these are all around $30-$50, not bad. I just haven't been that impressed with a lot of my NN purchases -quality wise- plus they only offer a limited color selection.

The cool thing for me is that all of the dresses in my faves list can be made using currently available patterns or a combo of! Check em out...

Vogue 8390 for the top OR Simplicity 4095 (modify top to a halter, also you can change the look w/ pants instead of the skirt!)

Simplicity 3775
Simplicity 4577

HotPatterns HP101 OR HP102

Simplicity 3867

Some other cute summery knit dress patterns are:

Burda 8045 (knit worthy, rather)
Burda 7913
KwikSew 3333


cidell said...

I love that other people take some of the guess work out of pattern hunting for me! I am also really digging the knits. So easy and comfortable to wear and all over the magaines this summer. THANKS!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Cute, cute stuff! I have a couple of those patterns in my stash!