Monday, April 23

Sneak Peek pt. 2

The fitting went well for sis's dress. All I have to do now is hem, get an invisible zipper, & add the hook & eyes at the back and on the halter straps. Now, here it is on my dress form.

Keep in mind that I'm about 4 sizes larger than sis so this is not really what the final project will look like. Hopefully I'll be able to get a final pic from her. I will do a formal review once I'm totally done.

Also this weekend, I was able to make progress on Simplicity 4366 - only to halt operation because I nicked my finger on a pin and bled all over my pants!!! :(

They're in the wash now, so here's a sneak peak until I finish. I will do a formal review once they are finished. These pants were another traumatic sewing experience.....

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gold said...

Wow the dress looks good!