Wednesday, April 4

Stop the presses!

All projects on hold because there is a new dress I'm now obsessing over:

Yansi Fugel TravelJersey Kimono Wrap Dress.

I could not stop thinking about this dress today, and how perfect it was for so many situations - travel, work, summer concerts, looking cute at the grocery store :). So tonight I went to the lab and drafted a pattern using Kwik Sew 3408 and Simplicity 4020

Here is the progress:
Matched of the fronts of both patterns. Then I placed the tracing paper on top to trace the piece.

Did the same for the back bodice, which will be cut on the fold. Then I made sure the sleeve length matched up - PERFECT!!

Used some cheap poly knit for the muslin and machine basted the pieces together to get an idea of how it will look - AWESOME!

So far so good. I will use the original skirt, belt and neckband from the Kwik Sew pattern. I really want to get some organic bamboo knit for this dress, but I don't feel like traveling 30 miles to the nearest Hancock's. I'll see what's up at Jo-Eazy's tomorrow, before I make that trip, because I'll be making more than one if I can find the right colors - meaning a mass production sewing session, so the fabric has to be just right.

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Shawnee said...

Sew on sista. You are talented. I love that dress.