Tuesday, April 3

Reviews: McCall 5137 & Simplicity 4020

McCall 5137

Size: 14
Pattern critique: Semi - Easy. Mostly time consuming because there are a quite a few pieces plus a lot of ironing/facing/interfacing involved (for a beginner) The instructions were good so it was worth tackling. Plus this was my first time making a v-neck garment so it was a new experience.

Fabric: 1 cotton broadcloth & two cotton prints from Jo-eazy's

Modifications: none needed

Results: I like. very roomy. I should have went dark at the waist because I'm kinda wide there. I made this dress last summer and I've worn it only once. I promise to wear it more this summer tho, I got a ton of compliments when I did wear it, and it was a confidence booster.

Simplicity 4020

Size: 14

Pattern critique: Easy, quick sew. On patternreview a lot of folks switch #9 & #11 in the instructions, so I tried it. It felt awkward to me that way so I will follow directions exactly next time - Cause I'm making this again.

Fabric: Cotton interlock from Jo-eazy's

Modifications: none, but next time I will lengthen the bodice.

Results: Cute simple yet stylish top. This can be easily changed into a dress or look really cute with the right color combo of fabrics - like contrasting the neckband or something... I also want to play with the design of the sleeve next time I feel like making this.

Also, when I first wore this I didn't have it hemmed because I had no clue how to finish off nicely for this type of stretchy fabric since I have no serger. But the gracious owner of Valique fabrics ( I gotta get her name!!!) gave me a great tip: sew or press a narrow hem, then fold & press another hem - I did about 3/8ths - and stitch two rows across the hem to finish it off.Perfect and extremely helpful for me - sorta because I am now totally obsessed with all fabrics stretchy :)


Lynn said...

Neat top - I wouldn't have paid attention to the pattern otherwise, your version is better!

keena said...

funny.. i have the first pattern and i have yet to touch it.. *sigH*

Dawn said...

I made the McCall's kimono dress as a top. I have to say, I like your fabric selection better. I was determined to use something in my stash. Anyway, it's here: