Wednesday, May 2

I'm IT

I got tagged by Gold so I gotta give the goods...

I have to tell 7 unknown things about myself. Then tag 7 other people. I don't really know 7 people by blog so I'm just gonna email my peeps.

Here goes...

  1. I won the school spelling bee back in 6th grade and could have gone further, but I had stage fright. (I watched Akeelah and the Bee recently and felt much remorse)
  2. My first job was a cashier at Popeye's
  3. I want to move down south REALLY badly. I (literally everyday) dream of living in the country, where it's warm most of the year, there's space and trees, slow cars, fresh air and friendly people. But it's prolly going to be a dream for a long time.
  4. Peanut butter (Skippy natural) and jelly (peach preserves) on Texas Toast (Giant brand) is my FAVORITE thing to eat. It just makes me happy.
  5. I learned to drive and got my license at 23. Failed the written test once and road test twice. But I can drive.(now)
  6. Got married at 19 to my HS sweetheart, we joined the Army together. We're out now, believe it or not his last day enlisted was September 10, 2001. It was crazy. I was out 5 months later tho.
  7. I'm turning into my mother. Slowly but surely.
That be me. Peace!


cidell said...

I'm quickly turning into my mother.

gold said...

I always find myself saying things my mother use to say to me.Never thought that day would come.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I love number 7 - because I think that happens to the all of us despite our best intentions! *LOL*