Wednesday, May 2

Review: Simplicity 4264

Simplicity 4264

By using this pattern I created a knock-off of the Striped Rumba Skort for kiddo. I did a skirt instead. I'm going to present this to her in the morning and post the results tomorrow. She's 9 and very opinionated.

Size: 10 in the waist, 12 for the length

Pattern critique: I made the skirt and gauchos from this pattern previously and I consider it very easy - beginner friendly. The instructions were great. However for this project I just used the pattern pieces as a template for the style and sizing.

Fabric: pink cotton broadcloth from Joann $1.99/yd and striped cotton seersucker from Walmart $3/yd. The sequins I purchased years ago at a Christmas clearance sale from Walmart. I used ribbon for the drawstring

Modifications: I used the yoke as is. Cut the skirt bottom piece twice in the stripe and twice in the pink. then cut each of those in half.

Results: not exact, but I think it's cute. We'll see what she thinks tomorrow.....


christina said...

I think your daughter will love it. She's lucky to have a mom that sews :)

gold said...

Its cute I know she will love it.I have niece who has a birthday in june.I am going to have to come back and see what your dd think of this skirt.I might make this for my niece its so cute to me.