Tuesday, May 22

Let's Organize III

The theme for the final post in this series is Lost & Found.

I found bunches of lost, stolen & forgotten items during sewing spot "Clean Sweep"
  1. More basement floor
  2. My craft apron
  3. A bunch of UFOs now sorted and displayed to encourage
  4. 4 pairs of dull but usable for crafting scissors
  5. Chappelle's Show 2nd Season DVD set buried beneath clutter
  6. Relaxation in sewing
I am ALMOST done!!! I can get back to sewing now with a fresh start. The last few touches I want to add are art and curtains but no rush on that.

I won't bore you with the details just check out the pics.


Elaray said...

You have a very inspiring space. Looks good! (Just the tip got in? LOL)

dawn said...

It'll be a pleasure sewing in your new space. Love the curtains...are you going to make them?

Cidell said...

How much do you love your new cabinet?

narcissaqtpie said...

elarayThanks for the compliments! I was kinda giddy (and tipsy) last night.
dawnThe curtains are from Ikea and $30/pr. If I find them I'll buy. If not I'll try to find some reasonable fabric.
cidellIt is a great storage cabinet. Im just happy I wont have to hear my family complain about my "junk" all over the basement.

gold said...

Your room looks great.I have to stay organzed because my sewing space is a little area in my dining room.

narcissaqtpie said...

thanks Gold! Being more organized will most definitely help me become a better sewer.