Thursday, May 17

Speaking of McCall's 5425...

Look what I found!

Elegant & Easy Dress from Martha Stewart

Now I can REALLY resist the temptation!!!

I printed & read the instructions. I already have the fabric in my stash. I just need to get the ribbon.

I finished going through my stash this afternoon and just like I guessed I had about 2 trash bags full. I did however go from 9 space bags to 6 and I also emptied out a plastic 3-drawer chest and now I'm down to 2 yit-dee-dee!

I did find that I do have quite a few nice pieces - mostly silky poly prints - which is good because I want to make a couple more of McCall's 5388 to wear with capris this summer.

P.S. My cabinet is scheduled to arrive tomorrow between 9am-12pm est. Can't you tell I'm excited!!! The bad news is, that it's graduation weekend for little sis, so I won't be able to tackle it until next week sometime.


cidell said...

Ask and ye shall receive! I'm exicited to see how this works out for you.

dawn said...

Yippee! Enjoy setting it up.

gold said...

I am loving that McCalls top.See I said I was going to buy another pattern.Darn!!Well let me off here I have to go to JoAnn's now.

Have a great weekend.

imtori said...

I have been searching all over the internet for a pattern like this but, I want to make it in silk overlayed with chiffon, with a satin ribbon for the neckline/straps. I want the dress to be more of an a-line shape and at least twice as much fabric but I am no expert at making or altering patterns. Any help, or ideas?