Wednesday, May 9

Let's Organize

I can't bring myself to do any sewing this week. I'm all giddy for my new craft armoire for the lab. I've been some spending time daydreaming and researching various craft organization tips, scouring the sewing & craft boards and googling sewing rooms. I have also been re-reading my past & present issues of Domino, InStyle Home and Blueprint magazines for inspiration. I have a new Ikea catalog on the way as well.
  • Right now I am using an old dining room table for cutting and an Ikea table for sewing. I'm not sure which one I'll keep yet. The Ikea table is more attractive, but a tad too small for my cutting mat. The dining table is just ugly. Painting is a possibility tho.
  • I've decided to continue to store my patterns in cardboard boxes inside quart freezer bags (gallon freezer bags for large envelopes like Vogue, Hot Patterns & BWOF).
  • I also started an Access database for my pattern stash. It has pictures and other stats about each pattern I need to put the finishing touches on it and do a print out.
  • I currently have a pegboard to hang notions and thread but I will most likely move on to plastic storage for those items. I got a thread box from Joann on sale this week. It only holds 40 spools so that will be my new limit. Right now I'm probably about 15 spools over the limit.
  • I will painstakingly fold & label each piece of fabric using pins and a slip of non-stick post-it size paper. I'll note the yardage, what can be made, which pattern to use (possibly) and what the fabric content is (possibly) My goal is to reduce the stash to what I will actually USE! and not what is just irresistible. I am a pack-rat.
  • Fabric will continue to be stored in space bags and plastic drawers.
  • I made a divider screen a while ago from 1"x12"x6' wood purchased at Home Depot. I want to apply magnetic paint to the middle panels on one side and use it for an inspiration board. The other side will be painted to match the rest of the basement.
  • I will get (or make) attractive curtains for the sliding glass door in the lab area and install sliding mirrored doors for the closet.
We'll see if this actually comes into fruition. Hopefully the armoire comes soon, it's still freaking "processing," but if it turns up back-ordered I will SCREAM!!!


christina said...

Access to track your patterns - very clever. I *think* that I have all of mine in my head, but whenever I go through my boxes I am always a bit surprised at what I find.

cidell said...

I was thinking of Excel to track my fabric. I find things when digging and can't even remember why I bought it.

narcissaqtpie said...

I used to have all mine in my head until I reached the 400+ mark. I got rid of many (well, as many as I could part with) duplicates and similars.

I am afraid to track my fabric right now. Once the stash is manageable I'll track it in a Rolodex or binder w/ swatches.

But, So far the db is really coming along. Right now I am just adding the last of my patterns to it. Once I am finished, if the pics are working and the reports run smoothly. I'll share it and e-mail it to anyone who's interested. along with info on how to add your own.

Anonymous said...


I love the ideas and can't wait to see pictures.


SewB said...

Just finding this blog - I'm wondering if you'd share your data base (as in why reinvent the wheel)! I do sooooo want to organize my sewing room and am familiar with Access! Thanks for all the great info

Jennifer said...

Hi. I just discovered this post and was wondering if your databse is posted anywhere, or if I could get your tables so that I can see what works and what doesn't for a sewer. I'm in the process of creating a similar one for my mom, and I would like to not recreate the wheel. I'm not a sewer, so I really am interested in seeing what works for someone who is. Thanks