Friday, May 11

Review: Vogue 8397

OK, this review might get my wannabe fashionista card revoked, but I'm going to stand strong and say it proudly.

I sewed a Marcy Tilton pattern. And I like it!

Vogue 8397

Size: 14

Pattern critique: I made view B. This pattern was too easy. Very beginner friendly. I cut and sewed these up in an evening. No directions read, just used the awesome pictures for reference so I'm sure the directions were on point.

I (quietly) fell in love with this pattern despite the jeers it received from PRers when it first debuted. To me the style just screams "Chinatown." But that's what I like about it!

Fabric: 100% black linen from JoAnn's. It is really nice, prolly the nicest quality I've seen in Joann. The problem is it attracts lint like crazy. The regular price was $14.99, I used a 50% off coupon.

Modifications: I didn't have buttons to match for the ankle tabs, so I sewed on black plastic cowrie beads

Results: Generally, I'm diggin'em. They are a tad baggy in the crotch, but that is probably because I didn't do a 5/8 seam allowance. I did 3/8 because that is what I do in fitted pants, so now I know better.

Other than that, they're super comfy due to the elastic waist and the fabric. I think I can get away with these at work because they are not quite capri's, but more like floods. Good enuff for a casual Friday.

Happy Friday peeps!


Dawn said...

Nice job. I like them with that top.

christina said...

I looked at the Vogue pattern again and I think part of the reason people are turned off is the skinny, tip-toed (shirtless?) trio of mannequins that are wearing the pants. The linen fabric that you used and the whole style of your outfit really make it work. Kudos to you for seeing the potential and I'm sure you've caused more than a few of us to rethink this pattern.

Audrey said...

I made pants out of Joann black linen that are maybe 6 or 7 years old now? They are SO SOFT now and after the first year or so of washing and wearing they stopped being lint magnets ;)

I can't say that I love the pattern, but the pants look great on you!

Nancy (nanflan) said...

I bought this pattern too. Part of the problem with the pattern envelope is how they showed the "jodphur" pair. Turns out they're supposed to be made of matte jersey which means they'll drape instead of sticking out all strange like the picture.

They look great on you! Awesome pants, and we won't revoke your fashionista card.

cidell said...

OK. I was a 'jeerer'. Christina might be right, maybe it was the creepy mannequins. I LOVE that you used the cowrie beads. I actually now like the tab at the bottom. I would not walk away if you tried to sell these to me.

Linda said...

I saw the "jeery" reviews of these pants. I thought they exaggerated the look on the mannequins to show the style design. They are neat looking pants and on you. The shoes you are wearing are perfect for the pants. I may have to go out get this myself. Glad you took the plunge.

Erica B. said...

I hated those pants when I initially saw them on the VP site, but they grew on me when I saw them in the mag. Now I really like them since you've made them. They look like they are really comfy. They would make great kick around pants!

artist1lisa said...

The pants look good on you.Much better than the picture Vogue used.
I would consider them now,since seeing your stylish version.Very cool.