Tuesday, May 29

Sweatshoppin for kiddo

Over the Memorial Day weekend I held a sweatshop session for kiddo. I was inspired to sew for her because:
  • I needed to get rid of some stash & work on polishing my finishing skills. (I love Hong Kong & French seams now)
  • It kept me away from the Memorial Day sales (for the most part)
  • It's cheaper. (I used mostly Walmart $1 table fabrics!)
  • I hate when people choose grannyish fabrics for children's home sewn. I think it gives a bad name to homemade (with love) clothes. I think home sewn for kids should be more like RTW, but of course add kid appropriate personal touches.
  • Her narrow and long-limbed body type makes it hard to fit a lot of RTW.
  • I want to be able to sew for her in the future - by her choice - so I let her have some say the styles and fabrics for the projects.
I completed:

McCall's 5092

Simplicity 4106

Simplicity 3743

The best thing is that she likes them all!!!

Still in production is:

Burda 9657

Hopefully I'll have it done this week if I can muster up the energy.

I'll add reviews on PR throughout the week.


christina said...

Wow, so many garments! Your daughter is lucky to have a sewing mom like you. My mom sewed for me when I was growing up - I was always the 'designer', choosing patterns and fabrics, and she worked in the sweatshop.

cidell said...

A few times my grandmother would make me clothes and I think that's how I started to like sewing. She would let me choose the fabric and pattern so I could at least feel like a designer. I must find this Wal Mart with the $1 fabrics!

dawn said...

Wow, lucky girl! I'm definitely with you on the modern fabrics rather than the calicoes. I can't believe you got so much done. Love the dresses especially.

Adrienne said...

Very cute!!! This weekend I will be sewing for my girls!

Ariane said...

Those outfits are cute! They totally look rtw. You have a good eye for choosing a fabric to go with the outfit!

toya said...

those are so cute,,, great ideas for the little ones

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks ladies. I had fun sewing these. Let's hope she lets me keep this up and not get "too cool" for it.

Janimé said...

Those are so nice! I really want to start making more things for the family, but haven't gotten that far yet - my project list is miles long.

My granny made me clothes when I was a kid, and I liked most of them. Especially as I got older and got to pick the patterns and fabric.

It was the ones she bought for me that tended to be on the well, not so fashionable side.

gold said...

All of those are so cute.The next sale I will be getting those pattern for my DD and niece.The fabric you used is nice too.Great job!!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Those are all great outfits! No wonder your daughter loves them!