Friday, June 1

Review: Simplicity 4577

A while back I posted some inspirational knit dresses. Well I finished my first one!

Simplicity 4577

Size: 14

Pattern Critique: The pattern looks pretty easy to follow from my scan. I only used the bodice construction part tho. I wouldn't recommend to someone w/ little experience. There is a lot of skipping around as usual w/ Simplicity instructions and some intermediate sewing terms used.

Fabric: tan rayon/lycra jersey from Hancock, it was about $7-8/yd

Modifications: I only used the front & back skirt pieces, the front and back bodice pieces and the neck tie to get a look similar to this dress from Newport News:

The bodice is self lined. I added some width to the front skirt so I could gather, and I cut the back pieces on the fold, and encased elastic across the top of the back bodice. The back looks fine, but it would look better w/ a center back seam. ( I have a pic but my pantyline is showing, so no-go)

If I had used the bodice overlay piece for shirring it would have looked more exact, but i ended up liking it before I got to that piece so I skipped it.

Results: This is so far from what I usually wear. But I like it! It can be worn in different ways - casual or dressy, loose or tight.

It's ok for a first draft hopefully I can fix those pointy bust darts, before I wear this in public. then I'll make another one in black. I'm off to do some research on Patternreview.


dawn said...

Wow, you look like a Greek goddess! I think you need metallic gold strappy sandals and you'll be all set.

susan said...

Congratulations on your fashion daring! That dress looks fantastic on you!

gold said...

I like the dress looks great on you.I need to get me a book on how to alter patterns.You guys on are so good at it.

artist1lisa said...

Very chic.You've got good taste.