Friday, June 15

Game: Blouses II

Here's the third Simplicity 3887

I finished it last night and wore it today. I picked up a couple of 5 Simplicity's at JoAnn's sale today:

3678 - very chic. the styling reminds me of some of the designer dresses from Saks & Neiman's. This will have to wait until fall.

3694 - The usual retroey Built by Wendy look. I'll have to see what I come up with fabric wise. I'm thinking beach/pool cover-up for the summer. Something like this DVF dress

3716 - similar to Limited Too sweatsuits. Kiddo loved this. I may do the hoodie dress soon.

3765 - A baby duro!!!! My cuz had a baby girl recently and I'm going to visit them in August so I want to make Baby M a little outfit as a gift.

3799 - I'm hoping this will be a good starting point for another DVF dress I'm obsessing over. Also the capris and tank top will make very cute lounge wear & help w/ stash reduction.

Off to prep for the weekend.

Peace & blessings


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

S3799 will be an excellent starting point to reproduce the DVF dress! Do you have fabric yet? Will you make the band around the bottom like the DVF original? Loved the Duro baby dress - tres kewl!

gold said...

I like your blouse!!I am going to have get that pattern 3716.I have a lot little girls that would love that.

gold said...

How do you download videos to your blog?

toya said...

nice blouse, its so on trend

JustSew... said...

HI !!!!

I found you! I found you! (o.k. Feepee told me where to find you) I was wondering where you went off to. I was looking for you in that "other" know the one where you "missed the timer". I just joined here (FINALLY!). I just wanted to say hi. You may recall me as "just locin' by..." (or maybe not at all)
Anyway, hopefully, I'll dust off my machine soon and get crackin'. You inspire me so keep doing what you do as I know I'm not the only one you inspire. See you around...

narcissaqtpie said...

thanks ladies!!

I remember "just locin' by" from Fotki - lol!!! let me know of you post your project. We're all here to inspire each other.