Thursday, June 14

Game: Blouses

I'm in the midst of a blouse sweatshop session right now. It's taxing, but also relaxing (hey, that rhymes!)

The latest national stories of missing/abducted women over the last couple of weeks have me all upset. I guess it's because my baby sister is moving away all by herself -- across the country!!! At first she told us she was driving -- by herself!!! Thank goodness she came to her senses and is now flying, but I still can't help being concerned.

So, I've committed myself to a sweatshop session to calm my nerves. I made two blouses last night and have four more planned over the course of next week. I have to take a break this weekend though. The fam is going on a much needed mini retreat to Massanutten in VA for Father's Day weekend.

Review: Simplicity 3887

Size: 14

Pattern Critique: another easy one. The pictures are all that's needed for experienced sewers. I would even recommend to a newbie - seriously. If you don't know gathers, you'll be highly acquainted with them after this.

Fabric: some old stuff from the stash - embroidered, cotton blend most likely

Modifications: none

Results: cute summery tops. I made the sleeve elastic too tight (brown top) (not following directions) so I'll have to adjust that. I have one more of these in progress, inspired by a blouse I saw in the BCBG Outlet for $80. After this I don't think I'll want to even look at this pattern anymore, hopefully I can build up the courage to pass it on.

view E

View C

I'll add a more thorough review on PR later on...


Kathleen C. said...

If you go into fabric withdrawals while you're in the area we have a pretty good fabric store in downtown Harrisonburg.

Ragtime Fabrics

It's sometimes hit or miss, but there's usually a good deal or two (or three) lurking about!

Erica B. said...

Very cute tops!

dawn said...

Nice job as always!

patsijean said...

Your tops are very cute, cool and fashionable. Save the pattern, I bet you will want more next year.

christina said...

These turned out great :)

Adrienne said...

Very cute! I'm making this one in chocolate this weekend!

gold said...

Both tops are very cute!I am in a top making mood too!!Butterick patterns are on sale this Sunday at JoAnn's for .99.I want get two top patterns and that it!!!HaHa

Have a great weekend!!

narcissaqtpie said...

oh boy another pattern sale!!! Thanks for the comments!

cateyesmd said...

I like, I like. Especially the second one!

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks for the comments! Hubby forbade me to go fabric shopping on our trip :( I'll make up for it this weekend!!