Tuesday, July 3

awwww Shirt!!!

I'm back! I had a post all typed up and ready to go whining about how I've lost my sewing mojo. Then the next day it all came back. So it's three days later and I have my fourth blouse done!

Review: Vogue 8391

Size: 14

Pattern Critique: This is from Vogue's "very easy very vogue" collection--NOT! OK, if you are intermediate to advanced - yes this is a whip up because you are already familiar w/ the techniques that are new to a beginner/novice. BUT beginner's ready for a challenge should give this one a go. It's not difficult, just time consuming & detail oriented.

I actually read the directions. They were very helpful with construction but not finishing which this shirt really requires. I was pining even more for my serger to be.

Standouts for me were:

The collar - this was my first. Whatcha thank?? I followed directions and it was uneventful. My next project has a collar so I will be seeking tips on how to get more of a point.

Princess seams - I wasn't sure how to finish them, so I think I did a flat felled seam (fold and press in the seam allowance just over the seam and understitch to catch that edge)

curved darts - I think the lower back darts were mismarked on my pattern, but I recognized and managed

finishing a curved facing - I attempted to press down unfinished edge and stitch but I'm not so good at pressing in curved hems. I understitched it on the front of the shirt successfully. Then attempted to understitch the facing at the shoulder seams and at the top of the princess seam to stop it from turning out. It came out uneven as you can see from the wrinkling on front.

The belt - it came out too heavy. I used shirting fabric which is pretty lightweight. the belt is self faced, no interfacing. now if I had a SERGER, I could make it one piece and finish off the edge with one of those fancy stitches!!

I hate the hem on the sleeve, I will make it wider next time. I might fix this one if I feel up to it. later.

Fabric: Yellow 97%/3% Cotton/Spandex shirting from Joann's. It was good stuff, easy to sew, pre-washed nicely-little to no shrinkage (i dont machine dry my cottons anyway). I would have loved to have crispy white, but they only had pastel colors.

Modifications: none. I think I need an FBA for more frontal coverage? kiddo says I'm showing "crack"

Results: wearable muslin. I have a pooch and a short waist, but if I suck it in I look real cute & the princess seams flatter. I think I will wear it with a full skirt to make me look less boxy. I shoulda done that when I took the pic, oh well... when I find some white cotton shirting I will make this again.


Cidell said...

Very very wearable if not very easy. The collar is awesome and I really like the wrap look on you. And you do look all cute!

Julie said...

Get "Sewing with Confidence" by Nancy Zieman...she has a great technique for doing collars.

I also have that problem with the necklines coming out too low. Don't know what to do about it unless I re-draw the pattern at the neckline before cutting it out?

The J said...

Stunning! I'm afraid I can't help with the cleavage issue - I have none - I also have the pooch and a short waist, which means without the curves on top the side wrap thing just makes me look worse than a box... but I can enjoy it vicariously through you!

Does your sewing machine have any fancy stitches? I can do some fun roll-type hems with my machine, which I actually like better than the serger version.

Glad your sewing mojo is back - mine's about to get back to a Duro ;).

dawn said...

Your first collar? Great job!

Do you have a picture of your serger-to-be in your sewing room somewhere? That's what I did to keep my eye on the prize!

Glad you got your mojo back! We all lose it sometimes!

gold said...

You did a great job!!I also need help in getting a sharp point on a collar.It looks great on you!

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks ladies!! I'm gonna look for the Nancy Zieman, her name really rings a bell...

that serger is posted in my sewing area and tattooed on my brain. I found a reputable dealer, so it's ON now!!

the j - I have a plain ol' Singer CG-550. I like it