Friday, July 20

Fall Dresses

My love for knit dresses is still going strong. I got my Newport News catalog today and got a little inspired to dig into the latest fall patterns. (all pics from the NewportNews website except as noted)

Dress #1 - no real pic yet, I had to merge some line drawings from Butterick. I couldn't find a picture of the most awesome dress on the NN site but it is basically a combination of Butterick 5030 (a wrap top w/ collar & cuff) and Butterick 4914 (ruched waist w/ flared skirt.) It sort of looks like this:

The turtleneck dress: KwikSew 3472

I don't think I can pull this off with my shape, but paired with a jacket, (minus that belt-ew) it works! Cute jackets to go with the turtleneck dress: McCall's 5477 , Butterick 4864

Hot number from Neiman Marcus. I can see myself on a dinner date, or going to a play in this dress. Worn under a (faux) fur!! yea. McCall's 5484

I was once digging this Vogue pattern, but now after seeing this dress, I pass. It looks kinda sloppy.

This green dress is nice. Haven't found a spot on pattern but these seem modifiable (is that a word?)
Vogue 8419, KwikSew 3496, KwikSew 2517 + Butterick Sleeves of 4973

I will be on the lookout for some sweater knits. KwikSew 3496, and any slim fit knit skirt pattern.

Now I love animal prints, but this is overkill. I posted this because I love the lines of this frock. Check out this Jalie pattern. This pattern can be easily adapted to make this dress.

This is one of my favorites, but I haven't found a comparable pattern. It's basically a cardigan or henley top, a ruched waistband & full skirt. I'd wear with it long boots and a colorful scarf around my neck.


gold said...

Nice dresses!!CAn't wait to see those projects.

Have a great weekend!!!

Breath of Light said...

I'm loving the knit dresses. I hope to make one some time this year. I'm on the crochet kick right now tho.

Amy said...

I also received the Newport News catalog and immediately started thinking of what I wanted to copy and sew up for myself. Lots of gorgeous clothes!!

flytie said...

i see we have the *same* tastes in dress styles. my long distance sewl sista. ha!