Friday, July 27

Review: HotPatterns Deco Vibe So Pretty Dress

Size: 12, Glamour Girl

Pattern Critique: I love the styling/design of this dress. but the directions totally SUCK! I tried to read them on 3 separate occasions and became confused & frustrated each time so I gave up on them. They used terms like "bag out" the straps... huh?

The good thing is, there are were only a few pieces so I was able to figure out how to put it together, the bodice mount (what the heck is that?) with the crazy darts is the only piece that i had a headache about.

This was my first "indie" pattern. Let me tell you, there is a HUGE difference in the using this pattern after only using the big 5 (I include KwikSew). Besides the terrible instructions (and customer service--that's another story), the pattern markings (for notches, gathers, pattern positioning, etc) are very ambiguous, there wasn't even a key for them on the pattern sheet and I could barely follow the lines for the dart markings.

Fabric: 2 poly/georgette prints from Joann's clearance 1-2 years ago (I bought LOTS of it) and some cheap Walmart poly-knit on the bodice lining (probably bad choices, but I need to use up my stash)

Modifications: none, except lining which is optional. Didn't do the bias-tape pieces because I couldn't figure it out.

Results: I don't like the way this looks on me (yea I know I have on jeans underneath.) But I am in love with the style of this dress! It screams high fashion. It's just the drape of the bodice that feels awkward. Maybe I didn't gather it enuff.

I would like to try this again maybe I'll do it unlined in matte jersey to see if the fabric drapes better up front. I'll go up a size to 14, although I match the GG-12 measurements almost exactly it fits a bit snug in the waist, it could be because of the bulky lining & seam allowances, I'll do a flat measurement to be sure. I'm thinking that now since I pieced it together, I might be able to decipher the directions.

I haven't sewn the straps down, there was no mark for where to position them!

In other news.....

Got some new books...

Also made the last DVF Knockoff for the Fashion Show. The next dress will be Kimono style that I adapt from a New Look pattern...

I also listened to a heartwarming broadcast about the Gee's Bend Quilters, on the Mark Steiner Show this week. The exhibit is in Baltimore through August, but I wasn't really interested until I heard this broadcast.

It was so touching to hear the story and it was really emotional for me for many reasons. I will be going to see the exhibit next weekend! Listen here.


cidell said...

I'm so glad you heard the broadcast but sad the pattern was so tough for you. It's interesting about HP because I actually think I need to go down a size for the Cosmo the next time I make it. The DVF dress looks adorable.

cidell said...

Maybe your copy of Fast Fit is the one that I never got! I just ordered a second copy. Sigh.

narcissaqtpie said...

thanks for the encouragement! I picked up the FF from Joann's. It's an awesome book. I'm gonna start using it with my fall sewing projects. If you dont get yours soon enuff you can borrow mine

toya said...

the design of the dress is beautiful, but I understand what you mean about the drape, its good that you understand you body enough to know what works for you, if you can alter it to fit, please do, after all it is a great style

Vicki said...

With the straps - just pin them to where you would like them to be - always the best way to go. I usually pin them so they cover my bra straps. And always pin while you have the dress on so that the length is right too - HTH. Your books will be helpful following these cryptic patterns! The modern embroidery one looks interesting.

Anonymous said...


I am glad you have a passion for sewing.

I remember the passion/time I had for sewing while at my moms and dads.

Keep creating,

Anonymous said...

By the way, I love your name.

I started sewing for fit and economics.

It grew into self expression and now it is an art form.

Keep growing-keep sewing