Saturday, August 25

Mama's trophies

The deal is done. Mama's earned her last trophy on August 11th (from her first born, lol!)

I honestly believe it's an extraordinary feat to have all of your babies earn a college degree, and live on their own ("mama gotta have a life too" - Baby Boy). Although I am proud of myself and my sisters, I am more proud of my mom because she set the standard (sky's the limit!!!) and gave us the tools.

little sis, me, baby sis

me, kiddo and hubby


toya said...


Cidell said...

Ummm, does Hubby have a brother?


dawn said...

Good for you! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

so glad to see yr back. Congrats to u and moms!!!

flytie said...

congratulations on the progress! :-)