Saturday, August 25


That's a new word (coined by my Aunt Fran) that I learned on my trip to the midwest (Indiana). It is the perfect word to describe this post. I'll try to make it as orderly and non-rambly as possible, but I can't help it if the ADHD kicks in.

You have been warned...

1. The fashion show = SUCCESS!
Even though we had been rained out earlier that day, our audio equipment was on the fritz, and one of our models was a no show, we carried it off. I didn't get pics during the show (i was a lil tipsy to say the least) so we took pics at the hotel and in the backyard the next day.

Check out the flickr set all the pics. I'll add more if I get them from fam.

The dresses I made were:
Simplicity 3799 x 2
Simplicity 3882
New Look 6715
New Look 6375 (OOP) I'm so mad I didn't get a pic at all!!! I'll get one from my mom hopefully
Butterick 4443 also my graduation dress

I also made hair accessories but they got lost in the shuffle. Everyone thought they were coasters. hmmph they just didn't get the genius of my vision.

2. My trip = adventures in doll shopping
Besides having tons of fun w/ my fam (who are all extremely hilarious) I took a trip to Chicago to pic up an Addy doll & accessories for kiddo.

I don't know if it was the rainy, foggy weather or if that was the norm for Chicago, but me and little sis were in the store all of 10 minutes but sat in traffic at least 3 hours to get there and back traveling from Gary. Should have been a less than 30 minute ride in each direction. I wanted to do more shopping because there was a super-duper Forever21 & Marshall's just around the corner.

little sis looking pissed :)

some buildings we couldn't see the top of :)

I owe many thanks, hugs and kisses to my uncle who drove and was very patient. Overall, I think it was worth it, $, traffic and all. Kiddo had read the Addy novels at least ten times over the last year or so and recently told me she started talking to the book. So now she has a "real" friend to talk to and she is totally in love with her (and I get to make clothes for her!!!). Next is the ever popular Samantha


(dress I whipped up for Addy using Butterick 5604)

2b. My trip = uh-oh!
My aunt is a seamstress/craftster. I love hanging out with her. I got to play in confetti, hot glue her feathers, sew on her machine (an old White that sewed like a dream), go thrift shopping with her and bask in the ambiance of her sewing room (a small corner of her basement like mine!) .....and get in her fabric & pattern stash.....yuh.

this is just a fraction. for real.

I arrived with a small carry-on and one empty suitcase but left with a different carry-on for Addy (and the breakables) and two large suitcases bulging with patterns, fabric and awesome vintage finds - including some ceramic & glass serving dishes.

got this cutie casserole for $5. It has a tea light warmer on the frame! tres cute!!!

Yes I acted a stone fool.

Me and little sis found the most awesome wool and leather coats and paid less than $10 each. I also found a bunch of dresses that are just too fun, and I picked up two of my latest vintage obsession... housedresses, ok some people call them muumuus, but they are just so cool to me, and perfect to lounge and sew in and I don't have to wear undies (ok tmi, sorry).

(click pic for a bigger view)

So now my personal fabric stash is totally out of hand. I went and purchased a two door cabinet thinking it would house the chaos, but it doesn't, and the doors don't close. But I have made a promise to myself in public that I absolutely cannot buy anymore fabric for 1 year a while.

(click pic for a bigger view)

(kiddos back to school fabrics)

I will be putting these bad boys to work for the next few seasons.


toya said...

great post, I enjoyed reading everything, and I loved the table setting, beautiful

artist1lisa said...

The fashion show pictures are awesome.Your MoM is beautiful.
Glad the trip to Chi-town was a success and your kiddo is happy.
Your Aunt sounds like a treasure.

flytie said...

you inspire me in such a big way. i also really enjoyed reading this. *drooling over the fabric* :-)

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks ladies. I'm drooling/obsessing/crying over my fabric too. I have too many ideas swirling around my brain, but I'm not gonna plan none of it. I'm just gonna try to go with the flow