Sunday, September 9

Knock it off why don'tcha!!

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Can't stop thinking about it.

I searched through the stash and found two patterns I can morph to create a knock off (shhhhh, don't snitch - it's a Diane von Furstenburg dress).

Simplicity 3622 and 3634

Here's what I've done so far

I am using the following pieces:

from 3622
  • front skirt
  • back skirt
from 3634 from view B
  • sleeve
  • front bodice
  • back bodice
  • cowl

I've lined up the waistline pattern markings on the back bodice and back skirt.

On the back bodice, marked a line one inch below the top of the skirt back. I still plan on using a standard 5/8 seam allowance.

Line up the front and back bodice at the waistline marking.

Last, trace the line from the back bodice to the front bodice.

I'm not tracing new pieces, I'll just fold them off and cut from there. I'm really excited, but I'm gonna take my time. I have the fabric already (of course) so I'll keep the progress posted!


dawn said...

That's a gorgeous, classy, all-purpose dress. Can't wait to see your version of it.

Carla said...

That's a classy/sexy dress. Go for it! Can't wait to see it.

Linda said...

Great job of morphing two patterns. Great looking DVF knockoff.